Why Race Cars at an Aviation Museum?

Those involved with the Estrella WarBirds Museum have banded together with a common goal, that of honoring the past, while inspiring the current and future generations. We do not, in any way, want to stray from our previously stated primary mission which is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of military aircraft, vehicles and memorabilia of those who flew or worked on them. This work will continue, full steam ahead as we add additional aircraft and related memorabilia.

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When our men and women come home from military service, most no longer had access to those wonderfully fast screaming, flying machines. Many found those interests fulfilled through the building, modifying or racing of automobiles.

Now, we can add another chapter of preserved history by complimenting those interests (and opening the doors to a younger generation). This is our gift to Paso Robles and the outlying communities. The funds and labor to construct and maintain the museum do not come from anybody's tax dollars, yet from a terrific group of volunteers and generous benefactors whom have supported us over the past twenty five years. To all involved, we are forever thankful and they are graciously appreciated. It is because of them, during these struggling times nationally, we not only strive to survive, but continue to thrive!

The Woodland Auto Display

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Estrella Warbirds Museum

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