1957 Al Tasnady NASCAR Stock Car

Al Tasnady was known as Mr. Modified in the New England states as he is credited with over 600 wins during his career. He did venture into NASCAR Modified-Sportsman and Grand National (now known as Sprint Cup) racing.

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Vehicle Type 1957 NASCAR Stock Car
Year Built
Built By
Owner Woodland Family Collection


This #44 1957 Ford was raced by Al Tasnady and another New England great, Frankie Schneider. This particular car was raced at Daytona Beach on the 2 1/2 mile oval as late as 1964. It was also raced at Greensboro and North Wilksboro Speedways, both in North Carolina.

For a race car that is almost 60 years old, it has some interesting features such as the dual shock setup on all 4 corners plus a fair amount of early day aerodynamics such as the custom work on the upper front fenders and the filling in of the body with bondo.

The roll cage appears to be fairly good for that period and is built partially out of welded drive lines. Also, notice the drivers seat is installed at an angle for better support against the G forces while in the corners.

This car was previously owned by former NASCAR Crew Chief and TV Race Analyst/Announcer, Ray Evernham.

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