1959 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible

The first Morris automobiles were produced in 1913 by William Morris. The first vehicles named Morris Minor were produced in 1928 and became known as the 8 and 10 which represented the horsepower output. In 1937, the Morris Minor became Britain's largest automobile manufacturer. In 1939, they became Britain's first manufacturer to sell 1 million automobiles.

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Vehicle Type Morris Minor 1000 Convertible
Year Built 1959
Built By Nuffield Org. of Great Britain (Morris & MG)
Suspension Torsion Bar / Independent Front, Solid Rear Axle ......with Semi Elliptic Springs
Engine 4 Cylinder In-Line upgraded from 948cc to 1098 cc
Owner Woodland Family Collection


In 1948, after World War II, the Morris Minor took on the look of the model on display. There were three versions, or upgrades over the years with the 1000 Model produced from 1954-1971, of which nearly 150,000 were built.

These cars were designed to be roomy and fuel efficient as gasoline prices in Europe were several times higher than in the United States. The 1000 Model had a top speed of approximately 75 mph and was rated at close to 40 miles per gallon.

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