1969 NASCAR Super Modified

This car was designed and built in 1969 as a NASCAR pavement type super modified to be raced on the paved tracks of central and northern California such as the San Jose Speedway and Kearney Bowl in Fresno. Ron Rule built his home-made chassis using 2 inch by 4 inch rectangular steel tubing. The front axle was from a 1956 Ford Truck while the rear end is a Halibrand quick-change center section using Ford 3/4 ton Ford axles and housings. The transmission is an aluminum racing type 3 speed. Ron adapted 1961 Chrysler steering and utilized Airheart disk brakes.

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Vehicle Type NASCAR Super Modified
Year Built 1969
Built By Ron Rule
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Rear
Engine Chevrolet V-8, Fuel Injected, High Octane Gasoline Fuel, 350 cu in. displacement
Owner Woodland Family Collection


In the early 1970's, the car was purchased by Dave Sands of Paso Robles and driven by local veteran driver, Kenny Van Blargen. This team of owner and driver raced the car on the NASCAR sanctioned dirt tracks in central California such as the Atascadero Speedway, Santa Maria Speedway, and Clovis Speedway, just east of Fresno. They soon found the car was too low and the suspension too stiff so it was soon converted for dirt track racing. This conversion soon paid off as they won numerous heat races, trophy dashes and main events at all of the dirt tracks listed above during the early 1970's. This beautiful bygone era race car was restored by Henry Robinson of Atascadero.

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