1956 Continental Mk II

In 1956 and 1957, the Continental Company was a stand-alone brand and not part of Lincoln although both were under the Ford ownership banner. A blue-printed Lincoln engine and suspension parts were used on the unique Continental chassis. Continental was then absorbed into Lincoln after 1957.

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Vehicle Type Continental Mk II
Year Built 1956
Built By Continental Division of Ford Motor Company
Chassis Independent Coil Front, Live Axle Rear with Semi-Elliptic Springs. Heat Sensitive Shocks Front and Rear
Engine 368 cubic inch Y-Block V-8, 285 HP
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The 1956 Continental was designed to be the Flagship of Ford Motor Company and was intended to compete with the finest cars built in Europe at the time.

The design was clean and beautiful with most options of the day as standard equipment. This 5,000 lb luxury car was intended to be the height of American automotive elegance. While it was arguably the best American produced vehicle of the time, due to it being hand built and having to go through countless inspections, it was also the most expensive American built car as it sold in the range of $9,500.00 to $10,000. Among the proud owners was Elvis Presley who's white Continental is proudly displayed at the Elvis Presley Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

In 1956, 2,556 units were built with just 444 in 1957 for a total build-out of just 3,000 of these beautiful luxury machines.

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