2007-1932 Ford 75th Anniversary Deuce Roadster

The original 1932 Ford, or "Deuce", was designed by Edsel Ford, son of Ford Automobile founder Henry Ford. This extremely popular car had the first mass produced V-8 engine. There were also numerous versions of the 1932 Ford available which all used the same standard platform and could be purchased with either the 4 cylinder engine or the revolutionary "Flathead" V-8. You could purchase a 1932 Ford in 4 Door Sedan, 2 Door Sedan, Victoria, 3 Window Coupe, 5 Window Coupe, Roadster, Phaeton, and Pick-up configuration.

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Vehicle Type 1932 Ford High Boy Roadster
Year Built 2007
Built By Hot Rods & Horsepower LLC for Ford Motor Company
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Coil Over Shocks Rear
Engine "Roush" Ford Racing Parts Boss, 347 cubic inch (450 hp), electric fuel injection
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The 1932 Ford, in all the above versions, soon became a favorite for Hot Rodders and Racers because of its appealing design, easy to customize, and ease of hopping up the engine.

For the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford, and to honor his designer grandfather, Edsel B. Ford II commissioned to have 10 "NEW" 1932 Ford Roadsters built. The serial numbers for these cars are 001 - 010. The vehicle on display is number 007 and has the dash plate signed by Edsel B. Ford II.

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