Quarter Midget

Many racing drivers received their competitive racing starts in go-carts and Quarter Midgets, and from there to Full Midgets, Sprint Cars and even Indy cars.

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Vehicle Type Quarter Midget
Year Built 1950's era
Raced By California Racing Association, CRA, Sprint Car star, Mike Shaw in the late 1950's
Engine Continental
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Some of the recognizable name who started their careers in these cars, and competed with each other for many years from childhood through adult lives, included such stars as Dean Thomson, Rick Goudy, Bobby Olivero and Mike Shaw, to name just a few.

Mike's number 32v is a perfect example of the Quarter Midgets of the 1950's through 1960's era, as the car has been stored by the family for over 50 years, just as it came off the track.

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