1968 Sprint Car "Ol' Paint"

Ol' Paint is the only four-bar car built by the late Hank Henry. It took two years to build and rolled out of Henry's shop in early 1968.

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Vehicle Type Sprint Car
Year Built 1968
Built By Hank Henry
Suspension Torsion Bar, Front & Rear, Left & Right
Owner Jimmy Oskie


Ol' Paint was state of the art in its era and debuted as a fast car its initial time on the track. In 1969, #91, "Ol' Paint" carried Jimmy Oskie to the California Racing Association Championship. It was the last non-caged sprint car to win that title.

Ol' Paint has never been upside down or badly crashed and is 95% the original car that Hank Henry built. The car was retired in 1974.

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