Sedan Coupe

Edsel Ford created the Mercury in 1939 to bridge the gap between Ford and Lincoln. It was to become the poor man's Lincoln and was produced in four body styles, station wagon, convertible, town sedan an sedan coupe. With World War II stopping new car production in the early to mid 1940's there is little change other than minor refinements between the 1939 and 1948 versions. (1948 was the first major design change.)

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Vehicle Type Mercury Sedan Coupe
Year Built 1948
Built By Ford - Mercury
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Rear
Engine Mercury Flathead, 296 cubic inch, Offenhauser aluminum headers, 3x2 barrel Stromberg carburetors
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Equipped with the factory Flathead engine, which at 239 cubic inch, produced 100 horsepower, the Mercury could carry its' passengers in comfort wile obtaining up to 20 mpg.

This particular Mercury "Sedan Coupe" was restored to what many hot rodder's would consider a 1950s type "hot rod", or "street rod", by local resident Kenny Van Blargen. Kenny kept the "Flathead engine and hopped it up, bored and stroked to 3/8 x 3/8 configuration, rather than replacing it with an overhead valve engine which was more popular from the 1960's forward.

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