Norton Commando 850

The Commando line, 1967 - 1975, was considered the first mass produced "Super Bike". This last Model, the MKIII, was produced only in 1975 although some of these units weren't sold until 1976 and 1977. The main Norton factory was closed when it was determined they could not compete with the worldwide influx of Japanese motorcycles. Except for paint and added oil cooler, this bike is original.

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Vehicle Type Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle
Year Built 1975
Built By Norton-Villiers
Chassis 58 inch wheel base, 430 pounds, first British left side shift, 4 speed transmission.
Engine Twin cylinder 4 stroke, 828 cc (50.5 cubic inch) air cooled, dual carbs, electric start, 60 horsepower @5900 rpm
Owner Fred Woodland


The 850 cc MK3 Commando was launched in 1975 with an improved specification – electric starter, isolastic head steady for improved vibration absorption, left side gear change and right side foot brake to comply with United States vehicle regulations, and a rear disc brake. The range of models was reduced to just two machines, the ‘Mk.3 Interstate’ and the ‘Roadster’. The specification remained unchanged until October 1977 when the last machines were made, although few Roadsters were made in the end due to the higher cash sales value of the Interstate.

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