1916 Packard Model 2-25 (Converted to a Racecar)

This car was purchased in 1916 by a wealthy Argentine plantation owner, William Humphres. It was originally a two passenger "Runabout" with a 424.1 cubic inch Twin Six engine.

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Vehicle Type Packard Model 2-25 (Converted to Racecar)
Year Built 1916
Built By Packard Motor Company
Suspension Solid front axle, with parallel springs front and rear
Engine 299 cubic inch V-12 (Twin Six)
Owner Jerry Cudzill


William Humphreys set out to convert the vehicle into a road racing car and it was highly modified for its' day. The front axle is from a rare Hispano Suiza which gave it 4 wheel brakes which was unusual at that time. The chassis was modified and many engine components replaced in order to give the car a lower center of gravity, lower hood line, etc.. The engine was replaced to meet US rules of a maximum of 300 cubic inch displacement. The race car was completed in the late teens to early 1920's and was raced in Argentina, the USA, and possibly in Europe. It appears to have last raced in 1924.

This rare Packard was restored over a 4 year period beginning in 2001 and was shown at Pebble Beach in the Concours d'Elegance in 2005. It has been in number Concours and Packard gaterings since then.

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