1963 Volkswagen Extended Cab (3 door) Light Truck (Pickup)

Built on the same basic chassis as the Volkswagen van, these units were easily converted to a utilitarian, thus affordable, form of light truck or pickup. While these pickups are considered rare, the extended cab version, 3-door, models are extremely rare.

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Vehicle Type Extended Cab (3-door) Light Truck (Pickup)
Year Built 1963
Built By Volkswagen of Germany
Engine 1200 cc 4 cylinder, air-cooled, Boxer type, 40 hp
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Suprisingly, while the majority of American pickups seen on the road today are rated as 1/2 ton trucks, these Volkswagen trucks are rated at a full 1 ton.

Also, unlike most pickups on the road today which have easy access from the rear only or tailgate, the Volkswagen truck is unique with its' fold down bed panels for ease of loading and unloading on 3 sides.

It is not known how many of these models exist today but it is definitely a type of vehicle that has never been seen by the majority of Americans.

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