1970 Sprint Car

This Sprint Car was built for Joe Hunt of Hunt Magneto fame for his son, Tom. It is one of only two built by Don Edmunds to have the space frame's upper rail dip down and run under the exhaust headers. This was done for quick engine removal and replacement. It is also one of the last of the beautiful "full bodied" Sprint Cars built.

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Vehicle Type Sprint Car
Year Built 1970
Built By Don Edmunds - AutoResearch
Suspension Solid Axles Front & Rear, Cross Torsion Bars Front & Rear
Engine 365 cubic inch Chevy V-8, Fuel Injected, Alco0hol Fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The 365 cubic inch engine currently in the car is the first built by Sprint Car Hall of Famer, Ron Shaver, for Sprint Car racing. It was built in his father's garage as he had not yet gone into business.

The Sprint Car design, plus engine combination, proved very successful as Tom Hunt had multiple Trophy Dash and Main Event wins plus he was CRA's "Most Improved" driver in 1974.

The car was sold to John Siroonian but was severely damaged in 1978. John asked Don Raiskup to restore the car to the Hunt configuration and was so impressed he allowed Don to track down the original Shaver engine so the restoration would be absolutely perfect.

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