1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner

This was a new concept by Ford in 1954. The Crestline Skyliner featured a 2 door hardtop body with an integrated acrylic glass panel over the front seating area. Ford called it a "freshness of view."

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Vehicle Type Ford Crestline Skyliner
Year Built 1954
Built By Ford Motor Company
Suspension Independent Coil Front adn Leaf Spring live axle rear.
Engine 239 cubic inch OHV V-8, 130 h.p. @ 4200 rpm
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The "Crestline Skyliner was only produced in 1954 and just over 13,000 were sold. The revolutionary acrylic roof design was incorporated into the Ford Crown Victoria line for the following 2 years but the two year combined sales were less than that of the 1954 Crestline Skyliner.

While the concept was impressive to look at, there was a definite issue with excess heat in the car, especially true in the southwest region of the United States.

1954 was also Ford's first year of their overhead valve V-8 engine which was strong enough to effectively power Ford's new line of automobiles.

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