1939 Crocker "Small Tank"

Crocker Twins were produced in Los Angeles from 1936 through 1942. During World War II the plant was converted to aircraft parts production. During this seven year period of motorcycle production, 3 models of the Crocker were built with total production of less than 100.

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Vehicle Type Crocker "Small Tank"
Year Built 1939
Built By Crocker Motorcycle Company
Chassis Single Tube Construction with steel transmission case integral with fram and the steel skid plate under the motor
Engine 61 cubic inch O.H.V
Owner Mike Madden, On loan to Woodland Auto Display


The original hemi-head had exposed valve trains and were manufactured form 1936 to 1937. This design was subject to valve train failure due mostly to a lack of proper maintenance.

The Small Tank version was manufactured from 1938-1939. The Crocker on display here was manufactured in late 1939.

The final generation, "Big Tank", was manufactured from mid-1939 unil the factory transitioned to the war effort.

What makes these motorcycles so special? They were the fastest American built motorcycles of the era. At 61 cubic inches, (later they could be special ordered with 91 cubic inches), they produced 50% more horsepower than either the Harley Davidson or Indian Motorcycles of the era. The Crocker motorcycles had a top speed faster than production automobiles of the era, possibly exceeding 140 mph. Although considered being mass produced, fewer than 100 were made and that number is posibly closer to 65.

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