Kenny Van Blargen 1963 sprint Car

This is one of the earlier Don Edmunds creations which was built to house a Chevy V-8. It was raced with a Chevy in CRA, NARC, and after being purchased by Kenny Van Blargen, it was raced locally at the Santa Maria Speedway. Kenny converted the car to the Flathead Ford in order to race it with the WRA, Western Racing Association, which is a vintage racing organization and did not allow overhead valve engines at the time. This rule has since changed but Kenny stuck with the little Fathead as more of a novelty, or throwback to a previous era. Even so, this car and driver were extremely successful and would beat the Chevy powered Sprint Cars on a regular basis.

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Vehicle Type 1963 Kenny Van Blargen Sprint Car
Year Built 1963
Built By Don Edmunds
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Cross Torsion Bar Rear
Engine Ford Flathead V-8, Bored and Stroked to increase displacement from 239 cubic inch to 296 cubic inch, Fuel Injected, Alcohol
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Kenny was injured in this car during an exhibition race in Havasu City in March, 2011. Those injuries ended an extremely successful racing career that spanned into 8 different decades. (Yes, from the late 1940's through 2011.)

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