"Two Week Wonder." This race car was constructed in just two weeks. It features a rare aluminum frame, narrowed 1932 Ford tube axle, and a Cassell quick change rear end. the cars' bodywork is also all aluminum. This car was approximately 240 pounds lighter and had more torque than the For V-8 60's that were popular during this era

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Vehicle Type Midget
Year Built Pre-WW II (Estimated)
Built By Edgar Elder and Gary Lawand
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Rear, Solid Axles Front and Rear
Engine Petruzzzi - Built from a 1947 Harley Davidson knucklehead with water cooled heads, 97 cubic inch, 95 horsepower, (similar to the Drake engines of this period).
Owner Ron Weber - Fresno, CA


Edgar Elder is the son of legendary motorcycle racer, Sprouts Elder. Edgar was one of the numerous outstanding midget race car drivers to come out of the Fresno area during the heyday of midget racing in pre and post WWII. His driving career was cut short due to a serious racing accident at Gilmore Stadium in Southern California. Upon his recovery, he remained chief mechanic and the #10 car was very successful with many of the well-known drivers of the day such as Bill Vukovich, Chet Stevens and Frank Cavanaugh.

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