1964 Jaguar Series 1 E-Type XKE

Arguably, the most beautiful mass produced sports/touring car ever, the XKE will still turn heads after almost 50 years since its introduction in 1961. It is still considered one of the top 100 most beautiful automobiles ever built. From 1961 through 1975, approximately 70,000 XKE Jaguars were sold.

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Vehicle Type Series 1 E-Type XKE
Year Built 1964
Built By Jaguar
Suspension Front - Independent, Torsion Bar Front, Coil Over Rear
Engine 4.2 Liter In-Line 6 Cylinder, Dual Overhead Cam, Dual Carburetors, 265 bhp
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The original Series 1 was manufactured from 1961 through 1967, the Series 2 from 1968 through 1971 and the Series 3 through 1975. (The Series 3 was equipped with the V-12 engine which performed well in cooler climates but had heating problems in the U.S. in the south-west and western states.)

The Series 1 XKE Jaguar was the first mass produced vehicle to come with 4 disc brakes as standard equipment. Another unique item about the brakes was that it incorporated "inboard" rear brakes on the trans-axles.

With a high torque 265 horsepower 6 cylinder engine, these nimble touring cars were very reliable and were capable of speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour!

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