Cushman Series 60 Scooter

Scooters, by definition, are motorized vehicles, usually 2 wheel although sometimes 3, with a step through platform. The Cushman Motor Scooters were produced from 1936 through 1965. The Model 53 was built for the military during WWII and was often dropped by parachute, thus it became known as the Cushman Airborne.

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Vehicle Type Cushman Series 60 Scooter
Year Built 1956
Built By Cushman Motor Works, Lincoln, Nebraska
Engine Estimated 9 horsepower, 4 stroke, single cylinder
Owner Woodland Family Collection


With ease of operation, centrifugal clutches, step through frames, etc., the Cushman scooters quickly became a desirable mode of transportation for grownup and baby boomers alike, both male and female.

The Model 60's, with their "Jet Age" body styling, were also known as RoadKings and Pacemakers.

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