Model A Huckster, Light Delivery Truck

From 1928 through 1931, nearly 5 million Model A Fords were produced in approximately 15 different body configurations. The 1931 model sold for as low as $435.00 for a Roadster (approximately 22 cents a pound) to $625.00 for the Deluxe Phaeton.

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Vehicle Type Model A Huckster, Light Delivery Truck
Year Built 1931
Built By Ford Motor Company
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Rear (Buggy Springs)
Engine 4 cylinder, L-head, 220.5 cubic inch, 40 horsepower (top speed: 65 mph)
Owner Woodland Family Collection


What is a Ford Huckster? The "Huckster" was not a Ford model, but rather a style of converted vehicle used in the early part of the 20th century. Normally built by converting a pick-up body, although most models could be used, the rear of this type of vehicle was often fitted with a wood enclosure which had plenty of space for wares. Normally, they had cloth or leather panels to allow easy access to the rear portion of the vehicle which was filled with goods for sale. In other words, this was a conversion built expressly for peddlers, or hucksters, and used for delivering small goods such as fruits, vegetable or ???

This type of Huckster conversion was prevalent on numerous vehicles during the 1920s through the early 1940s.

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