Offset Roadster Super Modified

The Pink Ladies, of which there were 6 over the years, were owned by the "colorful" Art Sugai of Ontario, Oregon and raced mainly in the Canadian American Racing Association (CAMRA) circuit, which raced on the paged tracks of the northwestern United States. Art and his Pink Ladies, always sponsored by his Eastside Cafe, were well respected and considered one of the favorites whenever they pulled onto a race track.

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Vehicle Type Offset Roadster Super Modified
Year Built 1962
Built By Grant King
Suspension Cross Torsion Bar Front and Rear
Engine Chevy V-8, Small Block, Fuel Injected, Alcohol Fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Among the many winning drivers who drove for Art Sugai, were Art Pollard and Ken Hamilton. Art Pollard initially drove this particular car and this was the dominate team on the circuit until Pollard moved on to Indy Car fame. Kenny Hamilton was next and he too was a multiple winner in this car.

Art Sugai also dabbled in Indianapolis race cars with such drivers as Rick Mears. (Yes, his Indy cars were also PINK!

The remains of this historical race car was located in the Riverside, California area and beautifully restored by Steve Bonesteel of Clovis, California.

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