1932 Ford Victoria

The Victoria model is possibly the most recognizable of all the 1932 line of Ford automobiles designed by Edsel Ford. The Victoria was not really a coupe and not really a sedan but somewhere in between. The Victoria became one of the prized 1932 Fords in years to come as it was, and is, extremely popular with "hot rodders" and "street rodders". Unfortunately, they were also extremely popular when converted to oval track race cars, jalopys and modifieds, throughout the 1950s and 1960s and many of these cars were destroyed in competition.

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Vehicle Type Victoria
Year Built 1932
Built By Ford Motor Company
Suspension 4 Wheel Independent with Parallel Torsion Bar Front and Coil Over Shocks Rear
Engine Chevy V-8, 350 cubic inch, 4 barrel carburetor
Owner Woodland Family Collection


This Victoria was customized some 30 years ago. The original all steel body was preserved in its entirety. The suspension is Jaguar and power is by a 350 cubic inch small block Chevy with automatic transmission. The mohair interior is upgraded to include power windows and, at the request of the owner's wife, air conditioning.

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