1948 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Added to the Woodland Auto Display during July 2020, is a 1948 Lincoln Continental convertible powered by a V-12 flathead engine.

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Vehicle Type Two Door Convertible Cabriolet
Year Built 1948
Built By Ford Motor Company
Engine 292 cubic V-12 Flat Head, 125 HP
Wheelbase 125 inches
Length 219.5 inches
Transmission 3 speed synchromesh with manual lever on stearing column plus overdrive
Top Speed 83 miles per hour
Owner Woodland Auto Display


Edsel Ford Sr., commissioned the Ford Motor Co Chief Stylist to design and build a one-off Lincoln convertible. The result was an instant hit and the car was put immediately into production. Ford first built the vehicle in 1940. After WW II, they continued production on through 1948.

A point of interest is that the design called for the passenger compartment to be moved toward the rear of the car which did not allow room for a spare tire in the trunk. That problem was resolved by moving the covered spare tire further to the rear of the car and thus the term, "Continental Kit," which has been used by practically all automobile manufacturers, especially from the 1950's through the 1980's.

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