Midget Racer

George Shilala learned his craft while shop foreman for famed race car builder Frank Kurtis. The "Patricia Woodland Offy" is a perfect example of the highly popular midget race cars that were at their height of popularity from the 1940's through the 1960's although this is still a major form of oval short track racing today.

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Vehicle Type Midget Racer
Year Built 1952
Built By George Shilala
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Cross Torsion Bar, Rear
Engine Offenhauser 110 cu inch, 4 cylinder, dual overhead cam, all aluminum, Fuel Injected, Methanol Fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


This car first competed in the San Francisco Bay area. From there, it was raced throughout the United States with numerous famous drivers of the time which included Indianapolis standouts Johnny Boyd, Fred Agabashian, and Bob Sweikert. It was also piloted by numerous midget champions such as "Iron" Mike McGreevy.

The #72, "Patricia Woodland Offy," is named after the late Patricia Diane Woodland, was victorious at the hands of her long time friend, Jim Eiland, at itsĀ“ final race on 9/1/08 which was the Vintage Oval Nationals held at Shasta Speedway.

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