Ford Phaeton

This is another example of the 1932 Fords designed by Edsel Ford. The body and chassis design of the "deuces" made them extremely popular in future years with "hot rodders" and "street rodders" and are still extremely popular to this day.

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Vehicle Type Ford Phaeton
Year Built 1932
Built By Ford Motor Company
Suspension Cross Spring Front and Rear
Engine Chevy V-8, 377 cubic inch, 4 barrel carburetor
Owner Woodland Family Collection


This particular "Phaeton" was "hot rodded" by Junior Kurtz, who, besides adding a Chevy engine and late model running gear, kept this original all steel body intact while making subtle customizing changes such as molding out the exterior door handles, splitting and butter-flying the hood, chopping the top and adding a dropped axle to give the car the lowered rake appearance he desired.

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