(USAC) Championship Indy Car Roadster

This Indy roadster was built in 1961 by famous car builder Floyd Trevis using A. J. Watson's plans. The owner, Pete Salemi, campaigned the car at the Indianapolis 500 in 1962 and 1963 as the Gabriel Absorber Special with driver Allen Crowe. He finished 31st his rookie year and 27th the following year. In 1964, the car was sold and qualified for the Indy 500 as the Clean Wear Special with driver Ronnie Duman. It was caught up and extensively damaged in the horrendous 2nd lap crash that claimed the lives of Eddie Sachs and Dave McDonald.

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Vehicle Type (USAC) Championship-Indy Car Roadster
Year Built 1961
Built By Floyd Trevis (A.J.Watson copy)
Suspension 4 Bar Cross Suspension
Engine 255 cubic inch Offenhauser, In-line 4 Cylinder, Dual Overhead Cam, Fuel Injected, Methanol Fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The remains of this car were eventually mated to the remains of the U.S. Equipment Special of which was a Watson creation driven by Johnny Rutherford in 1963 during his rookie appearance. As the majority of this restoration was made from the remains and parts of the original Gabriel Shock Absorber Special, Indianapolis Speedway historians claim this to be the original car. All that would be required would be to change the paint scheme to that of the original Gabriel Shocker.

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