1970's Era Speedway Motorcycle

Motorcycles used for Speedway Motorcycle Racing are unlike anything you will ever see on the streets.  These motorcycles weigh a minimum of 170 lbs., have no transmission or shifting mechanism, no starter, and most importantly, NO BRAKES!   They do have a clutch which is used as a release mechanism at the start of the races.  Also to save weight, this particular motorcycle incorporates the frame as the oil tank. (Notice the filler cap on the frame next to the fuel tank filler.)

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Vehicle Type 1970's Era Speedway Motorcycle
Year Built 1970 era
Built By Jawa Moto (engine)
Engine 500 cc Jawa , Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, overhead cam, alcohol fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Racing on short oval dirt tracks, usually 1/10th to 1/8th mile, in a series of 6 and 8 lap races, they accelerate like a Formula 1 car and for a split second they can hit speeds well in excess of 80 mpg on these tiny tracks.

They are extremely popular in Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe as well as here in the US.  However, their "heyday" in the US was probably in the 1970´s through the mid 1980's.

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