Midget Racer Built from 1948 Plans

This car is very unique in that it was built from 1948 Frank Kurtis plans by his son Arlen in 1996. Frank Kurtis was a very well known race car builder and innovator during the late 1940's and 1950's. His Indianapolis race car designs incorporated many new ideas and designs. The design of this midget is also unique in that most midget race cars of the era utilized either cross leaf springs front and rear or possibly torsion bar rear suspension and cross leaf spring front suspension, however, Frank designed this car with parallel torsion bars on all 4 corners. For power, it utilizes an original "Offy" engine purchased from Meyer/Drake engines by Frank Kurtis in 1949.

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Vehicle Type Midget Racer
Year Built 1996 (from 1948 plans)
Built By Chassis by Arlen Kurtis (son of Frank Kurtis) and body by Jim Allen, ADA "Tin Jim"
Suspension 4 Torsion Bar, Parallel Front and Rear
Engine Offenhauser No. 406, 110 cubic inch, 4 cylinder, dual overhead cam, fuel injected
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The beautifully maintained No.2 midget race car has been very successfully campaigned in the United Racing Association (URA), Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA), and Western Racing Association (WRA), by Ralph Baiza of Coalinga CA. The list of his numerous drivers includes Larry Ferrua, Norm Rapp, Tony Simon, Walt James and Kenny Van Blargen.

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