Ford Super Deluxe Convertible

The Ford automobile was thoroughly updated in 1941. This design was carried forward to the 1942 year model which was aborted due to WWII and restarted in 1946. This was a different design with a wider body which nearly covered the running boards and a wheelbase of 114 inches. The braking system was exceptionally good for the day and the handling was considered the best of an ordinary car at the time.

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Vehicle Type Ford Super Deluxe Convertible
Year Built 1941
Built By
Suspension Cross Leaf Spring Front and Rear
Engine 221 cubic inch Flathead V-8, 90 horsepower
Owner Woodland Family Collection


As this was a new design, it was very transitional with numerous changes made during the first year. As an example, the convertible top had no rear quarter window which was added to the 1942 model. The engine fan was relocated to the end of the crankshaft and 5 different coil/distributors were used during 1941.

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