1969 Don Edmunds Sprint Car

This Don Edmunds 4-bar creation was one of the earlier successful sprint cars with 4 torsion bar suspension. This design became the dominate sprint car chassis suspension and is still extremely close in design to the sprint cars built 40 years later. Don Edmunds was inducted into the NSCHofF, (National Sprint Car Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Iowa), in 1991.

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Vehicle Type Sprint Car
Year Built 1969
Built By Don Edmunds
Suspension 4-Bar Cross Torsion
Engine Chevrolet V-8, Fuel Injected, Methanol Fuel, 327 to 377 cubic inch
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The first owner was Glen Swinney. It was raced exclusively in the CRA, (California Racing Association) with various successful drivers including Rick Goudy, Bobby Olivero, Tony Simon and Bud Gilbert among others.

Templeton, California resident, Rick Goudy, made his return to sprint car racing at Ascot Park in Gardena, California aboard the Glen Swinney owned Don Edmunds creation of May of 1971. This was three years after his extremely serious accident at the same track.

This car had a storied life and went on to become the property of 10 different owners. It traveled throughout the state and also raced in the NARC, (Northern Automobile Racing Club), organization and at various local tracks such as Merced, CA, Hanford, CA and Santa Maria, CA. After being destroyed in a crash at Hanford, California, it was purchased by Dave Masterman of Fresno who performed this beautiful restoration.

Don Edmunds Sprint Car

Glen Swinney and crew at the 605 Speedway

Rick Goudy and Glen Swinney celebrating a victory

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