1947 Track Roadster

Initially a 1931 Ford Roadster, this car was transformed into a successful race car, "Track Roadster" or "Hot Rod" as they were known, after WWII. First, the chassis was cut in half with the front half remaining 1931 Ford while the rear half was changed to a 1926 Chevrolet frame. This allowed the car to utilize an arched rear cross spring while lowering the chassis/center of gravity. Also, a late model, 1947, Ford Flathead with dual carburetors was installed. This combination was used from 1947 through 1951. Wally Edwards and Wally's Folly were successful as they raced at the high banked Winchester, IN. Speedway, the Milwaukee, WI, mile, Rockford, IL, as well as at Soldier's Field in Chicago, IL, where this was the #1 car in both 1947 and 1948.

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Vehicle Type Track Roadster (aka Roaring Roadster, aka Hot Rod)
Year Built 1947
Built By Wally Edwards
Suspension Cross Spring Front End, Rear Buggy Springs
Engine Ford Flathead V-8and later changed to a 270 cubit inch "GMC 6 Jimmy" with magneto ignition and 5 Stromberg 97 carburetors
Owner Woodland Family Collection


The car was crashed badly in 1951. Wally was in the process of moving to the west coast but first he rebuilt his roadster. Among the changes was the replacement of the Ford V-8 with the GMC 6 cylinder, converting the Model A transmission to operate as an "in-out box", replacing the Model A body with a Model T roadster body and a "big car" type nose and replacing the wire wheels with solid wheels. Wally raced the Track Roadster in the CRA, California Roadster Association which was the fore runner of the California Racing Association, in that configuration on the west coast at such places as Carrell Speedway and Bonelli Stadium in Southern California.

This car was retired in 1954 as the Track Roadsters were being replaced by the more expensive Sprint Cars.

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