Allard Model K2 Coupe, 2 Passenger

There were only 119 of these K-2 models built between 1950 - 1952 and of these, 79 came to the United States. This vehicle is finished in British Racing Green with black leather interior and utilizes a 3 speed transmission and Marles steering box.

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Vehicle Type Model K2, 2 passenger
Year Built 1951
Built By Allard Motor Company Limited
Suspension Ballamy Split-Axle semi-independent front axle, de Dion-Type Axle - rear axle, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.
Engine 160 bph, 331 cubic inch Cadillac OHV V-8 with dual 4 barrel carburetors.
Owner Woodland Family Collection


When Sidney Allard fit the Cadillac V8 into his own J2 Roadster he created the first K2. That first car was immediately put into competition as a road-going version of the J2 race cars.

The K-2 came standard with a Ford V8, but Cadillac, Chrysler, Mercury and Oldsmobile engines were also fitted.

Phil Hill and Carrol Shelby both drove these cars with great success. The K-2 model Allard won major U.S. races at Watkins Glen, NY, Pebble Beach, as well as Sebring, Fl. and Monte Carlo. Many believe this is what sold Carrol Shelby on the concept of a light weight sports car chassis with a large and powerful American V-8 engine. He went to the drawing boards and shortly after, the Shelby Cobra was a reality.

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