Early 1980's Midget

This car is very rare as it is one of the few cars buit by Rich Vogler. It was built specifically for racing in Australia and New Zealand as midget racing is very popular Down Under. This particular design with 4 parallel bar suspension was thought by most to be long outdated. That, along with the low center of gravity VW engine was very unusual. However, it was very successful in Rich´s Down Under racing campaigns.

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Vehicle Type Midget
Year Built Early 1980's
Built By Vogler Craft (Rich and Don Vogler)
Suspension 4 Torsion Bar, Parallel Front and Rear
Engine Volkswagen - Highly Modified by Auto-Craft, 166 cubic inch, alcohol fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Rich Vogler, also know as "Mad Dog" won the second most races in the United States Auto Club, USAC , with only AJ Foyt winning more. He won 134 USAC wins and an estimated 200 non USAC wins. This included 6 USAC midget championships and 2 USAC Sprint Car championships.

Rich was killed in 1990 at Salem, Indiana on the last lap of a race he was leading over young Jeff Gordon. Due to USAC scoring rules, Rich was awarded this last win.

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