BMW Isetta 300 (Single Door)

The Iso Isetta was originally designed and built in Italy and shown to the world in 1953 at the Turin Auto Show. The German Automobile manufacturer, BMW, was struggling in post WWII Europe and saw this economy car as a chance to save the company.

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Vehicle Type BMW Isetta 300
Year Built 1957
Built By BMW of Germany
Engine 247 cc, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, 13 horsepower, Air Cooled, Top Speed of 55 mpg, 60 mpg
Owner Woodland Family Collection


BMW purchased the manufacturing license and redesigned it to the point that virtually none of the BMW parts interchange with the Italian version. From 1955 through 1964, 160,000 of these cars were sold. Among the more famous owners of the BMW Isetta were stars like Elvis Presley and Cary Grant.

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