Packard Super 8 (Model 840)

This particular Packard is extremely rare as the "All Weather Sport Sedan" body was built by Dietrich which was one of the finest coach builders of the era. There were only 6 of these cars built of which it is believed that only 3 have survived.

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Vehicle Type Packard - Super 8 (Model 840)
Year Built 1931
Built By Packard - Dietrich
Suspension Semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear on solid axles, 140 1/2 inch wheel base
Engine 384 cubic inch, valve in block, L-Head Straight 8, 120 bhp @3200 rpm
Owner Jeff Sines


This example is the only version that was built with "artillery wheels." It was displayed by Packard at the 1931 Chicago Auto Show.

Considered the "golden-era" for Packard, the 840 and 845 Series Packards were big, long wheelbase, roomy and at almost 5,000 pounds, very comfortable trouble free touring cars. They are considered on par with the finest European cars of the day.

At a price of just over $5,000.00, approximately the price of a nice house, they were relatively expensive but considered by those who could afford them as being well worth it.

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