Winston Cup Stock Car

This car was driven by Buddy Baker in his last Daytona 500. At that time, it was run as a Buick. (According to NASCAR rules, you had to run the same manufacture engine as body so any GM car could run Chevy engines.)

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Vehicle Type NASCAR (Winston Cup) Stock Car
Year Built Originally built in 1987 with a Buick body and updated in 1991 to Oldsmobile body
Built By Laughlin Chassis/David Ifft
Suspension Independent Coil Spring Front, Coil Spring Truck Arm Rear
Engine Chevrolet, 358 cubic inch, aluminum heads, steel block, single 4-barrel carburetor, gasoline fuel
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Cold Duck Racing purchased the car from David Ifft in 1993. Rich Woodland qualified for his first career WInston Cup start in this car in Phoenix, Arizona, in late 1993. In 1994, while running 12th overall in qualifying for a Winston Cup race on the course at Sears Point, California, a mechanical failure launched Rich into a vicious series of end over end flips that totally demolished the car. However, the roll cage, safety restraints, etc., did their job and Rich walked away with only minor injuries. As the Oldsmobile line has been discontinued, this #86 is in the record books as the last Oldsmobile to earn NASCAR Winston Cup points.

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