Three Quarter (TQ) Midget

The #95 debuted in Southern California's National Midget Racing Association (NMRA), in late 1968 with Jim Fawcett at the wheel. The #95 dominated the 1969 season and easily won the championship. In 1970, Bob McCaw purchased the car and campaigned it until 1979 when he also won the NMRA championship. 1980 saw Terry Farrar owning the car and also winning the NMRA championship. Terry won yet again in 1982, although the reliable little Crosley engine had been replaced by Honda and Kawasaki motorcycle engines.

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Vehicle Type Three Quarter (TQ) Midget
Year Built 1968
Built By Wes Kroeze and Don Werhan
Suspension Spring Front and Cross Bar Rear
Engine Crosley In-line 4 cylinder, single overhead cam, bored .100 and stroked 1/4 inch, 50 cubic inch. Weber DCOE 40 carburetor, methanol Fuel. (Built by Bob and Chuck Fawcett).
Owner Kroeze Family


After the 1982 racing season, the car passed through the hands of Jerry Meyers, Jeff Minnebraker and finally Dean Buckley. In 1989, Wes Kroeze acquired the car from Dean in "basket condition". In 2007, his son Steve inherited the car and began the seven plus year restoration project with some help and advice from Chuck Fawcett, the last remaining member of the original #95 race team.

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