This vehicle is currently on loan from the National Sprint Car Racing Hall of Fame & Museum in Knoxville, Iowa, through 2022.

World'sFastest Sprint Car
World's Fastest Sprint Car
Damion Gardner
Damion Gardner
Damion Gardner


Damion "The Demon" Gardner is no stranger to going fast in Sprint Cars. To date, he has won 9 Sprint Car championships and, as of this writing, is leading in points as he attempts to make it 10.

That said, he partnered with Ed "Biggie" Watt who has Bonneville experience, and set out to become the Fastest Sprint Car Driver by driving a highly modified Sprint Car in timed runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. While the car was highly modified, it was still a short wheelbase open cockpit race car with open, or exposed, wheels. The car was powered by a Ron Shaver 410 cu in racing engine.

The end result was a world record for Sprint Cars and for racecar driver Damion Gardner with a best time of 211.58844 miles per hour.

Damion drove for Richard Woodland and Billy Wilkerson some years back. He is still taking in a lot of WAD Fast Time cash awards in his Sprint Car. Rick just posted his 100th fast time in Yuma, Arizona a few weeks ago from this writing.