1946 Midget
1946 Midget
1946 Midget
1946 Midget


During the immediate post WW II era, Midget automobile racing was extremely popular. While several companies were manufacturing very competitive cars, Frank Kurtis set the standard. His company built well over 500 complete cars plus another 650 kit cars that could be assembled by private individuals. His designs were excellent and spare parts were readily available.

This particular car was extremely light weight for the era as it was built using light weight tubing much like WW II aircraft construction. It also used the very light weight Drake engine. This combination was extremely successful on the countless small tracks across the country and especially on the west coast. Not only was their corner speed superior but many of the top drivers of the era felt the manner in which the Drake engine cylindes fired, that the result was better traction.

The Sprint Car design, plus engine combination, proved very successful as Tom Hunt had multiple Trophy Dash and Main Event wins plus he was CRA's "Most Improved" driver in 1974.

Thank you to Reba Warren for her donation of this historical race car in memory of her late husband, Dale Warren.

1946 Midget Racecar

  • Year Built: 1946
  • Vehicle Type: Midget Race Car
  • Built By: Kurtis Kraft
  • Suspension: Cross Leaf Spring Front & Rear
  • Engine: Drake - Dale Drake/Harley Davidson, Water Cooled 89 cubic inch V-Twin
  • Owner: Woodland Family Collection