Pete Winters
Pete Winters
Pete Winters


This replication is an exact duplicate of the famous Pete Winters Super Modified driven by multi time NASCAR champion Howard Kaeding. The original car was not completed until after 9 races of the 1976 season had been run at the famous San Jose Speedway. When it arrived, Howard reeled off 4 consecutive wins and finished the year with 10 Main Event wins, 4 Open Competition wins and 9 fast times.

The 1977 season was also very successful with the team winning 5 more Main Events, 11 top 5 finishes, 6 Trophy Dash wins and 6 fast times.

The car was built as a tribute replica of the famous Pete Winters/Howard Kaeding team. The exact chassis blueprints were copied by those listed above and the body was recreated and paint scheme copied from photographs of the original csr by Smokey Alleman and Aaron Farrell while the hand lettering was also copied by Kevin Gotchal.

This car was raced successfully in vintage classes by it's owner, Randy Wright.

1975 Super Modified

  • Year Built: 1975 (Original)
  • Vehicle Type: Sprint Car - Roadster
  • Built By: (Pete Winters) Replication by Larry Lundin, Smokey Alleman, Mike Sargent and Randy Wright.
  • Suspension: Cross Spring Front and Rear
  • Engine: 357 cubic inch Small Block Chevy, fuel Injected, Methanol Fuel
  • Owner: Randy Wright