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The #880 Sprint Car, at the hands of Larry "Smokey" Snellbaker, was extremely successful in the tough Pennsylvania circuit during th early to mid 1970's.

There were no engine restrictions in those days so car owner Roy Morral, turned to future Hall of Fame sprint car racer, Bobby Allen, to build this light weight race car designed to accept Big Block engines which could be built to over 500 cubic inches. This is one of only two such chassis designed and built by Bobby Allen.

This team did not venture far from their Pennsylvania home but were immediately successful on the local circuit. They won three successive track titles at Port Royal Speedway, 1971-1973, while at the same time winning two successive titles at Hagerstown Maryland, 1971-19720. During the same period, Smokey won over 50 main events with this car which was included one year in which he won every race he finished at Selinsgrove Speedway in Pennsylvania.

1970 Sprint Car

  • Year Built: 1970
  • Vehicle Type: Sprint Car (Big Block Chassis) 
  • Built By: Bobby Allen aka "Scruffy"
  • Suspension: 4 Bar Torsion
  • Engine: Chevy V-8, Fuel Injected, Alcohol Fuel, Small Block
  • Owner: Adail Gayhart