New Era Auto-Cycle
New Era Auto-Cycle
New Era Auto-Cycle
New Era Auto-Cycle


This is an extremely rare early production motorcycle. It is believed to have been in the same family since new. Very few of these Auto-Cycles remain in existance.

New Era motorcycles were manufactured by the New Era Autocycle Company of Dayton, Ohio. They had an open frame and a double-wide footboard, so that the riding position was similar to that of a scooter. They were sold as singles or with additional seat for passenger, and they were advertised as bikes that can go "anywhere under any condition".

The New Era Auto-Cycle Company was founded in late-1909 by E. F. Platt, E. M. Thacker, Edwin S. Reynolds, R. G. Corwin and J. D. Platt, Jr. in Dayton, Ohio. It was a successor to the New Era Gas Engine Company. Its industry was motorcycles and trucks and its headquarters remained in Dayton, Ohio. In 1913, the company filed for bankruptcy and dissolved in 1914.

This particular bike has been on display for 30 plus years at the family's owned York Mountain Winery .

The new Era Auto-Cycle was recently restored to perfection by Paso Roble's Mike Madden. Now, at a mere 111 years of age, it has been placed on loan at the Woodland Auto Display

1910 New Era Auto-Cycle

  • Year Built: 1910
  • Vehicle Type: Motorized Auto-Cycle
  • Built By: New Era Auto-Cycle Company
  • Suspension: Cushion Spring Fork, 62 inch wheel base
  • Engine: "3.5 HP, Hand Cranked, Noiseless Ball Bearing Motor"
  • Owner: On loan from Steve and Lori Goldman