1930 Sprint Car (originally called Big Car)
1930 Sprint Car (originally called Big Car)
1930 Sprint Car (originally called Big Car)


Naturally, a car of this vintage had numerous changes and upgrades over the years. It was raced successfully in both pre and post WWII. In 1968 and 69, it had Chevy V-8 power.

Over the years, there were numerous owners and drivers and it was quite successful at the various Northern California tracks. In addition to racing at tracks such as Oakland Speedway with its' 45 degree banking, to San Jose and numerous others, it is listed as having raced the inaugural Calistoga race in 1937. In fact, it set a 1 lap track record at Calistoga in 1951.

Of the many standout drivers over the years, three progressed to compete at the Indianapolis 500; Freddie Agabasian in 1937, Ed Elisian in 1947 and Bob Sweikert in 1951.

In 2018, the current owners completed the restoration of the beautiful #88 Sprint Car to its' post WW II configuration

Racing History, #88, Big Sprint CarRacing History, #88, Big Sprint Car

1930 Sprint Car

  • Year Built: 1930 Updated 1945
  • Vehicle Type: Sprint Car (Big Car)
  • Built By: Art "Shorty"
  • Suspension: Solid Axles and Semi-elliptic leaf springs front and rear
  • Engine: 208 cubic inch 4 cylinder block with single overhead cam McDowell Head
  • Owner: Bill Crowley & Rick Arata