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Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen


The late actor, Steve McQueen, had a passion for fast cars and motorcycles. When it came to motorcycles, he loved vintage bikes and especially Indian motorcycles.

This motorcycle with sidecar is an extremely well preserved version of an early Indian motorcycle, and with this particular type of sidecar, making it relatively rare. Another rare item is that it was the only year that the gas and oil tanks were made in two pieces using cast aluminum.

Since the actor's death, this bike had several people attempt to restore it mechanically. Fortunately, our own EWM member, Jerry Greer, was a former Indian Motorcycle dealer and painstakingly went through the majority of the mechanical items while being extremely careful to retain the patina of this vintage era treasure.

1930 Indian Chief

1930 Indian Chief Motorcycle with Side Car

  • Year Built: 1930
  • Vehicle Type: Indian Motorcycle - Chief with Side Car
  • Built By: Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company
  • Engine: 1200 cc side valve V-Twin
  • Suspension: Trailing Link for front rear, Rigid (none)
  • Owner: Woodland Family Collection