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Ol' Paint is the only four-bar car built by the late Hank Henry. It took two years to build and rolled out of Henry's shop in early 1968.

Ol' Paint was state of the art in its era and debuted as a fast car its initial time on the track. In 1969, #91, "Ol' Paint" carried Jimmy Oskie to the California Racing Association Championship. It was the last non-caged sprint car to win that title.

Ol' Paint has never been upside down or badly crashed and is 95% the original car that Hank Henry built. The car was retired in 1974.

Jimmy Oskie

1968 Sprint Car

  • Year Built: 1968
  • Vehicle Type Sprint Car
  • Built By: Hank Henry
  • Suspension: Torsion Bar Front and Rear
  • Engine: Offenhauser
  • Owner: Jimmy Oskie