1971 Sprint Car

Known as the "Bogar 99" for its' owner, Luke Bogar, this car in the hands of the late and great Jan Opperman teamed up to win 44 major races in approximately 90 starts during the 1972 racing season. This does not include trophy dashes, heat races, etc., but 44 main events!

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Vehicle Type Sprint Car
Year Built 1971 (?)
Built By Ralph Heintzelman
Suspension 4 Bar Cross Torsion
Engine Chevy V-8, Fuel Injected, Alcohol Fuel, 307 cubic inches
Owner Adail Gayhart


This was before the days of the organized World of Outlaws and Opperman, a true outlaw racer, would race wherever the most money was being paid. In 1972, the team called Pennsylvania home but the charismatic Jan was originally from California, and was know as the "Hippie."

Some of the highlights of the magical year were his victories over the USAC, United States Auto Club, starts at Eldora, (Rossburg, Ohio), and Williams Grove, (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania). Jan won every race he finished at the tough Sellinsgrove trace. He also won 5 races in a 3 day period at 5 different tracks. They also won a 100 lap race in Ohio with no power steering, which he never ran, plus Jan had a badly broken nose caused by a rock hitting him during the race.

The car was restored to its original condition in 1988 by Ralph and Cindy Prueitt. Old "Bleepbox" as it was called by Jan and the team, was considered an eyesore by many of the Sprint Car purists of the day but it soon made believers out of them as it became the most successful race car of its time.

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