1965 NASCAR - California Super Modified

Joe Lobbia was one of several standout racing "farmers", raining grapes production, to come out of the Fresno area, Easton. He raced during the hey-day of the Hardtop through Super Modified era, the late 1950's through the early 1970's. This was a period when an individual could still build his own racing engines as Joe did, build his own racing cars, as Joe did, and fabricate many of the specialty parts and pieces himself, as Joe did.

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Vehicle Type NASCAR - California Super Modified
Year Built 1965
Built By Joe Lobbia
Suspension Cross Springs Front and Rear
Engine 340 cubic inch, Chevrolet V-8, Stromberg 97 Carburetors (6-Pac), Fuel - Gasoline
Owner Jim Perry


This beautiful orange and white #6 is one of several race cars build by Joe over the years. (Yes, the orange color is Case tractor orange).

Joe didn't stop there. He quite successfully drove his own creations and was very well respected at the main NASCAR race tracks in central California, Fresno's Kearney Bowl, San Jose Speedway, and the Clovis Speedway. This car last raced competitively at Madera Speedway in 1972 with NASCAR great, Al Pombo behind the wheel.

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