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Woodland Auto Display

The Woodland Automobile Display opened to the public on July 19th, 2009. Originally just under 5,000 square feet of display area featured a rotating series of automobiles. The initial display concentrated on NASCAR Sprint, Modified, Super Modified and Midget race cars.

"One of the finest automotive museums in Central California"

The initial response for the automotive museum was tremendous! Initially, race cars were displayed. Later, exotic, classic, and muscle cars were added due to ever increasing traffic and acquisition of new materials.

Most of the vehicles on display have been restored to the original condition as they were when first built. Some of the cars came off the track and required little to no restoration. This is a unique collection in that you can see, up close and personal, cars which were well known on the various racing circuits.

Following the initial success of the automotive display, an expansion took place in mid-2010 to increase the size to the original facility. More visitors wanted to see more vehicles! As the word spread, and various automotive events were sponsored at the museum, it did not take long to see that the Paso Robles community liked what they saw and wanted to see more! You will need to visit often to keep up with the ever changing cars and racing memorabilia.

In early 2012, it became obvious that we were once again running out of room and the third expansion began in late summer! Plans were underway for adding some rather unique and well known racing vehicles to the Woodland Auto Display collection.

In mid 2014, it became obvious that continual growth and increasing number of visitors causes one to be prepared for the next addition! Another 5,000 square feet of covered display area made room for even more vehicles and additional automotive themed events. It is amazing whom you can possibly see while visiting the Woodland Auto Display. Numerous well known racing legends have viewed the vehicles and left their mark on this Paso Robles grown establishment.

This may sound a bit repetitive, but progress continues to come to the auto display. In early 2016, the another expansion was completed, and following a complete re-adjustment and alignment of most vehicles, we were able to find room to sort and space vehicle types and memorabilia by room location. You will find, not only vehicles from the Woodland Family Collection, but numerous vehicles and displays from others. Now at approximately 20,000 square foot of display area, we have been repeatedly blessed with visitors from around the world, to include numerous well known celebrities in the racing world. We are proud to be at home on the grounds of the Estrella Warbird Museum. Initially, some people didn't think that fast cars and fast airplanes were a good combination. The thousands of visitors over the past many years seem to have proved them wrong.

Keep in mind that some of the vehicles on display are periodically changed to allow a wide variety of vehicles and a constant refresher for the museum. In addition, vehicles are routinely removed for servicing off site or may be on loan temporarily, for special community or national events.

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The Woodland Auto Display

is located on the grounds of

Estrella Warbirds Museum

Entrance via
Estrella Warbirds Museum
Hours: Thurs-Sun:
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.