1975 Sprint Car
1975 Sprint Car


This Sprint Car raced mostly with the California Racing Association from 1976 through 1979. Owned by Leonard Faas, it carried the number 27 and replaced Leonard's #6 Sprint Car.

Leonard Faas could afford not only some of the best looking equipment, but the very best equipment available. He also demanded results from his drivers. That may somewhat explain why he had 8 different drivers in 1976 alone. That said, the results were very impressive. Among those behind the wheel of this car were Rick Goudy, Bobby Olivero, Gary Patterson, Ron Rea, Bob East, Tony Simon, etc.

Currently, the car shows Jimmy Oskie as the driver. Jimmy never raced it in competition but, after the car had been completely restored, he did drive it at Perris Raceway as an exhibition and pace car. (Yes, Leonard would have been proud as Oskie had it picking them up and laying them down.)

1975 Sprint Car

  • Year Built: 1975
  • Vehicle Type: Sprint Car
  • Built By: Don Edmunds - AutoResearch
  • Suspension: Cross Torsion Bars Front and Rear with Solid Axels Front and Rear
  • Engine: 388 cubic inch Chevy V-8, Fuel Injected, Alcohol Fuel
  • Owner:On loan to Woodland Family Collection from Catherine Pirozzi