1962 Sprint Car

This is a rare example of an "upright" sprint car constructed by Don Brown. He later began building "roadster" type sprint cars which became known as "mechanical rabbits," and working on Indy fabrication. Various drivers drove this #2 car with much success over its long career including Joe Saldana, Dick Sutcliffe, Al Bartz, Frank McDaniels, Wayne Basham, Billy Wilkerson and Max Sweeney. Max Sweeny drove it in its' last outing at Ascot Park in 1979. Billy Wilkerson had the most wins while driving this car for owner Ernie Duncan. From 1965 through the end of the 1969 racing season, Billy won 19 CRA Main events and the 1967 CRA championship plus numerous wins with various other organizations and in Open Competition races.

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Vehicle Type Sprint Car
Year Built 1962
Built By Don Brown, aka, "The Prince of Darkness"
Engine Chevy V-8, Fuel Injected, Methanol Fuel - (Occasional 10% to 30% use of Nitro Methane) maximum 305 cubic inch for USAC (United States Auto Club). During the five year period Billy Wilkerson drove this car, it ran the same small cubic inch engines even when running in organizations with no cubic inch displacement restrictions, including the CRA (California Racing Association).
Owner Woodland Family Collection


Don Brown was inducted into the NSCHofF, (National Sprint Car Hall of Fame), in Knoxville, Iowa in 2005. Billy Wilkerson was also a member of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame (NSCHofF) in Knoxville, having been inducted in 2004. With two members of the NSCHofF being a part of this car's history makes this combination extremely unique. The car was eventually purchased by Carl Olson who oversaw the meticulous 12 year restoration. Help in the restoration process was provided by both Don Brown and Billy Wilkerson.

The number 2 sprint car has been displayed at the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum in Knoxville, Iowa, as well as at the NHRA, (National Hot Rod Association), Museum in Pomona, California.

Billy Wilkerson and Bob Hogle mix it up at Ascot Park 1969

Wilkerson hard on it at Ascot Park

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